IronMan week in Lake Placid

Friday, July 20, 2007
IronMan week in Lake Placid

Kathryn and I safely arrived in Lake Placid on Wednesday evening after the short (relatively speaking) 3.5 hour drive down here from Ottawa. We captured some video footage (we’ll post some of that later) of the trip – most of it looks the same as the rest of it to be honest, but the view of the Adirondack Mountains at certain stages of the drive is simply stunning.

It has been raining pretty much non-stop since we arrived here. We spent Thursday doing one loop of the swim course – felt pretty good, actually. It is a 1.9km loop, and I think I finished in about 41 minutes. That seems to be what I average every time I swim it, which is fine – consistency will be key to success. Of course, Kathryn finished in somewhere around 35 minutes, which is about right for her. She is a much better swimmer than I am, so I am expecting she’ll have a good 10–15 minute lead on me after the swim. Truth be told, I might never catch her; I’m fully expecting that I may only see her at the start and the finish.

The rest of Thursday was spent relaxing and looking around for extra gear in the local shops. Shorts, rain jackets (neither Kathryn or I had “regular” rain jackets, so we had to find some fairly quickly), and some new cycling shorts to match our new jerseys.

Today, its a day of preparation. We’re planning on a few things:

  • some ART treatment from Tina
  • buying a few last minute items
  • installing new tires on our bikes
  • doing our last bike inspection/repairs
  • relaxing, relaxing, relaxing

Mostly the last bit, actually. We need relaxation more than anything…

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