Lake Placid Training June 29 to July 2

Friday, June 29, 2007

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We’ve spent this weekend in Lake Placid – Kathryn and I, with Gavin and Michelle, William, and Greg and Lynn. No hanging out with the kids, or just enjoying the long weekend, or spending Canada Day with our friends at their “used to be all day long but is now more like 6 hours since we all have kids” party. It has been a long weekend of difficult training in Lake Placid.

It hasn’t gone as planned. Sure, we’ve been here since Friday night, and we’re leaving tomorrow on schedule. But, the original plan was:

  • Friday night: swim 4km
  • Saturday: swim 2km; bike 160km
  • Sunday: bike 90km; run 20km
  • Monday: swim 4km

With all the best of intentions, we just haven’t been able to get all the training in. The weekend has been more like this:

  • Friday night: eat, sleep
  • Saturday: swim 2km; bike 160km
  • Sunday: no bike; run 25km
  • Monday: swim 4km

I suppose that’s not too bad. After yesterday’s 160km bike ride, we just didn’t have it in us to ride another 90km this morning and then run 20km. The weather hasn’t co-operated and it is unseasonably cold. It is good for us though – we need to experience all different types of weather conditions in order to fully prepare for the IronMan. We just don’t know what it will throw at us.

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